ISSN: 1659-2751



Development of Cardboard Cartons for Packing and Commercialization of Fresh Bananas


The adequate use of containers is important for proper post harvest management. Design problems may cause pallet temperature imbalances during transportation and may produce non-uniform ripeness, two important aspects of commercialization. Identification of advantages and disadvantages of the pre-existing box were made in order to determine necessary modifications in order to increase the gas flow efficiency inside the carton and the pallet. In a regular shipment, five boxes were evaluated from the same pallet and the critical points were determined. For each evaluation the following variables were considered: temperature, maturity index and dehydration. Based on the results, modifications to the box were made and two new alternatives were developed. Each alternative was tested in the packing facility of EARTH University. Two of the alternatives (modified telescopic box, EARTH-RD type box) were successful while the EARTH type tray was not.

Key words: Telescopic box, carton, dehydration, container, gas flow, maturity index, pallet, ripening process, temperature.

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