ISSN: 1659-2751



The Time of Stabilization of Bokashis Produced on the Farms at EARTH University


The time of stabilization of two bokashis produced at EARTH University was evaluated using C:N ratios as indicators of biochemical stability. The C:N ratios of bokashis from the Commercial (FC) and the Integrated Animal Farms (FPI) were determined at various times throughout the production process. The C:N ratios are high at the start of the process and decrease until they become constant in time. Time of stabilization of the FPI and the FC bokashis were reached after 18 days to 24 days and 45 days to 48 days, respectively. The difference in time was attributed to differences in the characteristics of the processes involved in the production of these bokashis, mainly in the type and proportions of materials used during the processes.

Key words: Organic fertilizer, bokashi, C:N ratio, time of stability.

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