ISSN: 1659-2751



Precision Agriculture at the Agrocomercial Farm, EARTH: Dynamic Fertilization


Since 2000, the Agro-commercial farm has been implementing precision agriculture to optimize its banana operation. The objective of this study was to develop a dynamic fertilization plan that considers site-specific conditions. To achieve this objective, a soil map was made, banana harvest was monitored, and soil and foliar analysis were done. Nineteen typical soil profiles were identified, which were used to define six soil units and three management units. Applying statistical correlation analysis, it was found that acidity and Ca/K in the soil had a negative effect on production and the weight of the banana bunch, and that foliar N, Ca and Mg were directly correlated to the production. Finally, a dynamic fertilizer plan for each management unit was recommended, which is less expensive than the actual program of the farm.

Key words: Precision agriculture, banana, dynamic fertilization, soil map, nutrition, typical profile, management units, variability.

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