ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of Three Alternative Diets as Substitutes for Commercial Concentrate in Swine Production


In developing countries, the use of conventional technologies that are expensive in pig production systems has reduced the profitability of this activity. There is a need to look for new low cost rations in order to make this activity more profitable in tropical countries. This project included the assessment of three alternative diets as substitutes for conventional concentrates in pig production. Four treatments were evaluated, commercial concentrate (T1), cafeteria food waste + soy bean meal (T2), forage from the humid tropics (trichanthera) + sugar cane + soy bean meal (T3), and forage from the humid tropics (trichanthera) + mulberry + sugar cane + soy bean meal + corn meal (T4). Treatment T2 produced the highest weight gain per day. At the same time this treatment was the one that generated the highest profitability. Treatment T1 was the second best treatment. Animals on treatments T3 and T4 had the lowest daily weight gains and profitability compared to T1 and T2.

Key words: Pigs, commercial concentrate, efficiency, fattening, daily weight gain, alternative diets, profitability.

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