ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of the EM-compost Production System using Forced Air and Banana Residues


For sustainable banana production, the EARTH University’s Agro-commercial Enterprise has investigated management alternatives for the biodegradable banana residues from harvest and packing processes. Several investigations have been carried out in the area of organic fertilizer production as a way of optimizing resources and EM-compost with forced aeration was found to be a viable alternative. Using the results of these experiments, this study was conducted to optimize the production system testing ventilation time and suitable inoculation method, effect of aggregates, and the profitability of the system. Four treatments with different ventilation times were tested in two experimental phases using different aggregates: sawdust and wood chips. Finally it was determined that the EM-compost production system with forced air is technically viable and economically profitable for the Agro-commercial Enterprise. The treatment that presented the best results contained wood chips as aggregate with injected EM inoculation and ventilation every 6 days. The quality of the final product was determined based on its physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Key words: Aggregates, injected air, sawdust, wood chips, EM-Compost, inject inoculation, profitability.

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