ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of the Effect of Efficient Microorganisms (EM) in the Nutritional Composition and Consumption of Multi-nutritional Blocks (MNB)


This study was undertaken at EARTH University with the aim of searching for new alternatives to provide the cattle with low cost feed and to determine the effect of efficient microorganisms (EM) in the nutritional composition and consumption of multi-nutritional blocks (MNB). The study showed that there is a loss in the nutritional value during the time of storage in MNB. However, the use of 4% to 6% of EM reduced the loss of their nutritional value; in addition there is an increase of BMN’s consumption by ruminants. For this reason, the use of 4 % to 6 % EM to preserve the nutritional value and increase the consumption of MNB is recommended.

Key words: Storage, consumption, nutritional content, multi-nutritional blocks.

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