ISSN: 1659-2751



Carbon Fixation in an Oil Palm Crop System in the Humid Tropic Region of Costa Rica


The amount of C in the plant biomass and soil component of an oil palm crop system (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) was quantified in this experiment. The C stored in the soil was calculated from the soil %C, bulk density, and sample depth. The C stored in the biomass was calculated from the biomass %C and the dry weight. The total carbon sequestration average of an oil palm agroecosystem (aboveground carbon biomass + soil carbon) attained 96.02 Mg ha-1 of C (soil depth, 0 cm to 30 cm) and 126.03 Mg ha-1 of C (0 cm to 50 cm), of which 22.68 Mg ha-1 of C were found in the oil palm above ground plant biomass, and the remaining part in the soil. Soil was the system component that stored the higher amount of C, 76.4 % (0 cm to 30 cm) and 82.1 % (0 cm to 50 cm).

Key words: Global warming, carbon sequestration, oil palm.

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