ISSN: 1659-2751



Inventory and Natural History of the Vertebrate Wildlife at EARTH


The 3300 hectares that constitute the EARTH University campus have an outstanding diversity of flora and fauna. It is home to a wide variety of species, some of them considered endangered. The lack of information about the wildlife that resides in EARTH is surprising. This project attempts to serve as an educational reference written in simple words that can be used as a guide to know and identify the most representative vertebrate species on campus, and hopes to contribute to the study and the conservation of the environment and its inhabitants. The lists in this study include those species that have not been included in previous inventories. Included as well are those species which have been observed on campus but as yet have not been properly classified. The inventories of the five classes of vertebrates, with general information regarding each group plus the natural history of 80 selected species, each with a picture and description, to help discover the biological wealth of the farm, are published in the 2005 Graduation Project of this work.

Key words: Behavior, conservation, species, fauna, inventories, wildlife.

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