ISSN: 1659-2751



Evaluation of Two Hydroponics’ Techniques Adapted to the Humid Tropics


A hydroponics system was developed in the greenhouses at EARTH University in order to evaluate the Deep Flow Technique (DFT) and the Dynamic Root Floating Technique (DRF) for their use in the humid tropics. Using pak-choi plants (Brassica chinensis L., Family Cruciferae), an experimental cycle of 23 days was carried out, in which intrinsic parameters of the system were measured, such as pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and chemical composition of the nutrient solution. Temperature conditions in the greenhouse were also registered during the experimental cycle. In four treatments of 30 plants of pak-choi each, the two techniques were evaluated, one treatment with a constant solution level (DFT) and the other with a reduced solution level (DRF). Pak-choi plants grown using the DRF technique produced a higher total fresh weight, foliar, and radical biomass than those under the DFT technique.

Key words: Water culture, DFT, DRF, hydroponics, pak-choi, nutrient solution, Deep Flow Technique, Dynamic Root Floating Technique, humid tropics.

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