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Dear Readers,

When we first introduced our on-line journal Tierra Tropical: Sostenibilidad, Ambiente y Sociedad last year, we knew were expanding our ability to share the knowledge that is generated at our institution. The sharing of this knowledge is fundamental to our mission and in keeping with this mission, we are very proud to launch the first issue of the second volume of the EARTH University’s research journal.

Part of EARTH’s vision is graduate professionals who are committed to sustainable development in their communities. For that reason the research at EARTH, which is a fundamental part of the teaching and learning process, contributes to the development of sustainable systems for agriculture and for the management, conservation and restitution of natural resources with the goal of improving the lives of those in the tropics.

In this second issue of Tierra Tropical we present some the varied ways in which professors and students are addressing the challenges of sustainable development. In the first section on economics, two EARTH professors, Ricardo Russo and Raúl Botero, in collaboration with scientists from other institutions, discuss the direct and indirect costs of sustainable management of natural resources.  In the section on greenhouses, various students discuss their graduation projects and the research results of different greenhouse designs for sustainable specialty crop production in the humid tropics.

The humid tropics are rich in biodiversity and many EARTH students chose to investigate these natural resources for their graduation projects. Two of the projects presented here investigate the fauna of the EARTH University campus and the DNA of plant species. In a third project, presented in this issue as well, the students teamed up with an architect to investigate the use of bamboo for building houses in rural areas.

Finally, many students write their projects directly for small businesses and farms in the rural tropics. Because they want their results of their efforts to be easily accessible for anyone interested in sustainable development, they have presented their projects in the form of “Manuals”. The topics are as varied as the interests of the students and range from natural dyes for banana paper, to establishment and production of turf grasses for soccer fields and parks.

We are proud of the research generated by our students and professors and are confident that the results will contribute to the development of practical solutions for those living and working in the tropics. Please join us in exploring our continuing commitment to sustainable development through research in our on-line journal Tierra Tropical: Sostenibilidad, Ambiente y Sociedad.


Dr. Daniel Sherrard
EARTH University