ISSN: 1659-2751



Economic Benefits of Biogas Production using a Low-cost Polyethylene Biodigester


Anaerobic digestion or biodigestion is considered a very effective tool for the management of organic wastes and for the production of the renewable energy source, methane (CH4). However, the use of biodigestion has been limited by the high cost of conventional apparatus for biogas production. The polyethylene biodigester is a low-cost alternative for biogas production; a technology that offers direct and practical benefits. The direct benefits of using this technology include CH4 gas production which can be used to replace fossil fuel combustion as an energy source, and nutrients in the effluent which can be used to replace synthetic chemical fertilizers in crop production. The estimation of practical benefits include the potential use of CH4 gas to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, a cause of global warming, which are released during the combustion of fossil fuels. In this study these benefits were estimated with the installation of a 7.2 cubic meter biodigester.

Key words: Ecosystem analysis, low cost biogas production, monetary value.

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