ISSN: 1659-2751



Dynamic Fertilization Plan for the Scallop Gourd var. Starship (Cucurbita pepo)


Baby vegetables are alternatives of agricultural diversification in the highlands of Costa Rica. Due to the lack of information about its nutritional requirement, these vegetables are being fertilized with commercial formulas that do not contemplate the specific nutritional requirements of the crops, nor the soil conditions. Therefore, a nutrient absorption curve of the crop was determined to develop dynamic fertilization plans for Scallop gourd var. Starship grown in soil as well as in hydroponics, through participatory research withLa Ceibafarm, Costa Rica. Both the growth curve as well as the nutrient absorption curve showed an almost linear increase with time, which indicates that the application of fertilizers should be throughout the growing cycle and proportional to the growth of the crop. It was found that the dynamic fertilization plan applied to hydroponics was the best option under the conditions ofLa Ceibafarm, considering its lowest cost and high production.

Key words: Absorption, scallop gourd var. Starship, fertilization, participatory research, nutrition, dynamic plan, hydroponics.

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