ISSN: 1659-2751



Pre-Feasibility Study of the Reproduction and Commercialization of Beetles of the Genus Phanaeus MacLeay


With the intention of presenting new products for the international market and satisfying the wild species demand, we present this study of the possibility of rearing beetles of the genus Phanaeus. The objective of this research was to generate a specialized rearing technology in order to reproduce scarabs indoors, fulfilling all legal requirements, and attempting to reduce somewhat the illegal wild-species trade, which has always existed in the tropical region. The study established that this enterprise is most profitable starting with a 1000 animal rearing-stock. Such a project would show an IRR of 30 % and an NPV at 10 % of $213,463, over a period of five years.

Key words: Scarab, wild species, Phanaeus.

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