ISSN: 1659-2751



Elaboration and Characterization of Amonified Lignosulfonates from Banana Stalks and Sawdust (Cordia alliodora) for Use as a Slow Release Fertilizer


Certain organic materials are difficult to decompose due to their high C:N ratio. It is possible to lower the C:N ratio by means of chemical reactions resulting in materials that can be used as slow-release fertilizers. In this experiment, banana rachis and sawdust were ammonified to obtain ammonified rachis lignin and ammonified sawdust lignin. The C:N ratio was improved from 35.8 in the rachis to 5,7, 9,1 and 9,6 in PLA and from 43.2 in the sawdust to 6,7, 7,9 and 8,9 in LAA, when ammonified with 5 %, 10 % and 15 % solution of NH4OH, respectively. It was shown that it is possible to incorporate nitrogen to harvest residues such as banana rachis and wood sawdust. These nitrogenated materials could be used as slow-release fertilizers.

Key words: Ammonification, slow-release fertilizer, banana rachis lignin and sawdust lignin.

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