ISSN: 1659-2751



Spacial-temporal Dynamic of Superficial Water in the Natural Wetland “La Reserva”, Caribbean Zone of Costa Rica


The conservation of wetland ecosystems requires an understanding of the hydrology, and for that reason the dynamics of the surface water in the natural wetland “La Reserva” were analyzed in this study. This wetland has a water catchment area of 7.08 ha and a superficial area of 1.35 ha. Measurements of precipitation, topography, variation of the blade surface water at five sampling points (E1, E4, E5, E6, and E7) were conducted inside the wetland. The total precipitation in the wetland was 36.3 % higher in the same period than that registered at the EARTH University weather station, located 3.5 linear km from the site. The height of the surface water showed a sharp adjustments that corresponded to the increases in precipitation and minor variations where vegetation was most dense. Spatially, surface water height varied with the topography and location of the measuring point: the wetland’s center (E4 and E5: CV 19.3 % and 18.8 %, respectively), over an area of stagnant water (E7: CV 24.0 %), in a drainage canal (E6: CV 9.5 %), and in an area of superficial flow (E1: CV 51.7 %).

Key words: surface flow, hydrology of the wetland, tropical wetlands, precipitation, topography, vegetation.

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