ISSN: 1659-2751



Analysis of the Superficial Water Flow in the Natural Wetland “La Reserva”


The objective of this study was to determine the spatial temporal dynamics of surface flow within the natural wetland La Reserva. The hydro-period for the natural wetland was evaluated through the analysis of surface flow and its relation to the precipitation and the water balance. The precipitation was associated with surface water flow using the series of daily precipitation of the rainfall season of EARTH University, through its high correlation with the eight stations measuring the level of the water layer (NLA). The input in the water balance was the precipitation (P) and the outputs were evapotranspiration (ETP) and the surface flow (SF). In the study period (396 days) the total input and output of water to the wetland was 5031 mm and, 1364 mm, respectively, with 1315 mm ETP mm and 48 mm SF. The daily mean values were 12.7 mm of precipitation, 3.3 mm PET, and 0.11 mm SF. Although there were a total of 52 % dry days during the study period, the water coming out of the wetland represented only 27 % of the volume of the input since only an average of 3.3 mm/d of water was lost as ETP resulting in predominantly negative values for the daily balance.

Key words: water balance, flow, water shortage, water flow, surface flow, hydro-period, wetland.

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